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READ Vol. Petriş, G. Tatu-Chiţoiu, C. PopAlmanac congenital heart disease. The national society journals presentselected research that has driven recent advances in clinical cardiology 12M. Burch, Mcdougall maximum pierdere reviews DedieuAlmanaccell therapy in cardiovascular disease: the national societyjournals present selected research that has driven recent advances inclinical cardiology 21D.

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Jones, Fizzah Choudry, A. LucaciStructural and functional ventriculo-arterial changes in obesity:mechanisms, implications and reversibility after weight loss 37Mădălina Iancu, Marinela Șerban, C.

Copăcescu, Carmen GinghinăApnoea syndrome to an obese hypertensive patient 44F. Mitu, Daniela Boişteanu, Adina M. ŢurcanuHypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy and mitral valve abnormalities 47Nelis Asan, E. Apetrei, D. Deleanu, V. Iliescu, I. ComanVascular Doppler: Complex aortic arch pathology 51Ileana ArsenescuCoronary angiography: Simultaneous acute thrombotic occlusion of twocoronary arteries in ST segment elevation myocardial infarction 54A.

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Negoiță, F. Purcarea, M. Croitoru, D. DeleanuEcocardiography: Pseudo-pseudoaneurysm: natural evolution of a raremyocardial infarction mechanical complication 56Maria-Magdalena Gurzun, Marinela Șerban, B. Popescu, Carmen GinghinăUpdates in Cardiology 58ESC Guidelines on the management of cardiovascular diseasesduring pregnancy 63National and International cardiological agenda Instructuctions for authors Vol. XXII, Nr. PopAlmanac cardiopatii congenitale 12M.

Burch, Mcdougall maximum pierdere reviews DedieuAlmanac terapia genică în boala cardiovasculară 21D. MathurSindromul de QT lung 29L. LucaciModificări morfologice și funcționale ventriculo-arteriale în obezitate:mecanisme, implicații și reversibilitatea lor după scăderea ponderală 37Mădălina Iancu, Marinela Șerban, C. Copăcescu, Carmen GinghinăSindrom de apnee de somn la o pacientă obeză hipertensivă 44F. ŢurcanuCardiopatia hipertrofică obstructivă și anomaliile de valvă mitrală 47Nelis Asan, E.

DeleanuEcocardiografie: Pseudo-pseudoanevrism: evoluția naturală a uneicomplicații mecanice rare ale infarctului miocardic 56Maria-Magdalena Gurzun, Marinela Șerban, B. Left atrium dilated. Left ventricular outfl ow tract subaortic stenosis caused by anterior systolic displacementof anterior mitral leafl et and subvalvular mitral apparatus page MoldovaAssen R. Opinions, ideas, results of studies published in the RomanianJournal of Cardiology are those of the authors and do not reflect the position and politics of the Romanian Society of Cardiology.

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Great efforts were done so that all the issues and supplements beginning with are uploaded. All the requirements mcdougall maximum pierdere reviews complied and the indexing process has started.

Romanian Journal of Cardiology Vol. Article accepted on the 6 th of March Method — Members of Romanian Society of Cardiology RSC were invited to respond to a confidentialon-line questionnaire available over a 30 day period.

Results — A group of cardiologists participated: age Qualityof-livehappiness-degree and health self-rating were scaled 1 most pessimistic evaluation to 5 most optimistic evaluation. The average scores were 3. As far as the quality-of-life was concerned, men scored higherthan women 3. Petris et al.

The American questionnairewas published in January and containsanswers provided by 5 physicians representing 25medical fields, of the respondents being cardiologists. In spite of our persistent efforts, we were unableto identify other similar evaluations thus data filled inby Romanian cardiologists were compared exclusivelyto data in the American survey. The list of questions isavailable in Table 1.

Members of Romanian Society of Cardiology were asked to answer the questionnaire betweenSeptember 1st and 30 thand a single dsm pierderea în greutate wasRomanian Journal of CardiologyVol.

Ethical considerations: The questionnaire was confidential;a format enabling respondents to fill in theiranswers under protection of anonymity was used docs.

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Moreover, Romanian Society of Cardiologytransmitted an official commitment to confidentialityto all its members. Legal provisions in the field- Law No. Results are presented as average ±standard deviation SD. A value of p Romanian Journal of CardiologyVol.

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Romanian cardiologist: happiness questionnaireFigure 4. Romanian vs American quality-of-life rating scores distribution —comparison see reference 3.

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Highest quality-of-lifeaverage score was registered in respondents age over65 3. Consultants were the happiest 3.

Interventional cardiologists andin tensivists registered an insignificant higher score 4. An interesting detail, i. No statistical differenceswere registered between the scores of respondentsperforming in the academic environment as opposedto the ones not doing so 3.

Romanian cardiologist: happiness questionnaireFigure 5. Sample distribution considering health self-rating 1 to 5 pointscore.


Quality-of-life versus life-length: The majority ofthe respondents ; Three respondents 1. Self-rating health: Average health self-rating score was3. No significant differenceswere registered between males vs females 4. Higher health self-rating scoreswere reported by young respondents 27 to 34 years old 4.

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Romanian cardiologist: happiness questionnaireTable 3. This absolutely differences did notappear statistically significant due probably to the relativelylow number of respondents.

Quality-of-life rating score declared by the happiestcardiologists was correlated to their professional level p A. More than three quarters of respondents do notspend their free-time outdoors, within nature, preferringtraveling, reading, movie watching, visiting friendsor shopping as alternatives.

Nr. 1/2013 - Romanian Journal of Cardiology

Quality-of-life happiness index of Romanian cardiologists 3. American cardiologists respondents 4 came15 th. By comparison to these data, the average qualityof-liferating score provided by Romanian cardiologistsplaces them under the level reported by any of the 25specialties who responded to the American questionnaire.

Least happy with the quality of their lives are the youngcardiologists, cardiologists having less de 21 paidvacation days a year, colleagues who previously workedabroad, colleagues not performing in the academic environment,the ones not owning personal households,those who are mcdougall maximum pierdere reviews and, interesting, cardiologistsnot working in emergency in interventional cardiology.

Still, the least happy ones have lower BMIs andhigher health indexes when compared to the group ofthe happiest. Cardiologists age over 65, consultants incardiology, intensivists and the ones who never workedabroad are the happiest ones. The overall health indexof Romanian cardiologists is relatively high 3. An mcdougall maximum pierdere reviews we find important to be highlighted isthat a number of respondents to our questionnaire Therate of divorced and not remarried cardiologists washigher in case of Romanian cardiologists 6.

Familylife is an extremely important reference point alsohighlighted by our survey; the difference between ave-Romanian Journal of CardiologyVol.

One could ask themselves why such data about professionalgroups, Romanian cardiologists in our case,are relevant to be collected and reported. These series of introspections become even more relevantin the context of Romania belonging together withLatvia and Lithuania to the mcdougall maximum pierdere reviews of countries wherethe overall average of life-happiness decreased on thebackground of severe recession 9. According to somesources, lowest happiness levels are registered by Romaniaand Hungary - EU member states, followed byArmenia and Georgia - two Caucasian countries 9.

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Mentionedparticularities must become as many targetshunted down by Romanian Society of Cardiology inits efforts to prevent cardiovascular diseases; 2. Datacollected lay the perfect grounds for comparison as faras evaluating immediate future evolutions in our specialtyis concerned; 3.

Such efforts should representa constant concern for all our fellow cardiologists. Romanian Journal of CardiologyVol. By comparison, the American questionnaire wasanswered by a little over cardiologists, such totalbeing most probably inferior to the percentage of Romanianrespondents if taking into account that the entireUS population is 14 times grater than the one ofRomania